UPDATE (8/25, 3:00pm PST): The “Fountainhead” Event has ended! Be sure to check out the final standings and stay tuned for all future worldwide events!

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Check out the WEEKLY EVENTS schedule below and watch your in-game “News Feed” and our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep track of each Challenge. See you out there!

THE GAUNTLET. We know you’re getting better at the game so let’s see how you fare in a Midnight Star Challenge where the Pro Options are set to push you and your skills to the absolute limit.

• • • • •

MIDWEEK RUMBLE. Face off against other Midnight Star players and compete for fat stacks of loot!

• • • • •

BEAT A DEV. Every Friday a dev steps up to the plate and competes against anyone that dares! Beat the dev and win 500 Catalyst! Win it all and win 1,000!

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