8 25 2015

“Fountainhead” [STANDINGS]

Fountainhead, Midnight Star‘s first worldwide Headshot tournament has ended and we have victors that need congratulating. A lot of these players were evenly matched so in order to avoid any ties, we decided to gradually decrease the amount of time they had in each encounter. Evil? Maybe. But it worked! See the results below as well as a round-by-round breakdown on the standings page.


Congratulations to @namacouraion on winning 1ST place with a final score of 265! This makes it his first official finish at the top, but he’s no stranger to reaching the Top 3. Not only is he finishing with the best overall score, but he finished every. single. round with the best score. There’s no questioning this guy’s Headshot skills and we’re happy to deem him the Fountainhead Tournament Champion. Well done @nama.

@FreakMojo finishes in 2ND with total count of 227 Headshots! Last event’s champ returns with a fantastic showing of skill and poise, even when he and @Xanfishman were neck and neck throughout the event. Congratulations dude!

Taking home Bronze is @Xanfishman! First timer in the Top 3 and only missed 2ND place by 7 Headshots! Good job securing a top spot in our the first ever Headshot tourney and winning a TON o’ loot! Well played.

Our Top 3 win 50 Attribute Points and 10,000 Catalyst! The remaining competitors in the Top 10 win 30 Attribute Points and 6,000 Catalyst. Top 25 get 15 points and 3,000, and restest of the bestest win 5 and 1,500!

Please feel free to join the discussion on our forums and thank you to everyone for competing! We’ll see you at the next event!

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