Midnight Star Launch Trailer Midnight Star Launch Trailer
The Dust Superior The Dust Superior
The Colossus The Colossus
The Artifact The Artifact
Headshot? Headshot?
Ascended Melee Ascended Melee
Bridging the Past Bridging the Past
Levitate Levitate
Midnight Star Documentary – Music Midnight Star Documentary – Music
The Hyper Shield The Hyper Shield
Tragedy Of Conquest Tragedy Of Conquest
Headed For Destruction Headed For Destruction
Achievements Matter Achievements Matter
Welcome to Oberon Welcome to Oberon
The Fount The Fount
Midnight Star Teaser Trailer Midnight Star Teaser Trailer

Midnight Star

The Shooter Reimagined

Midnight Star is a sci-fi shooter built from the ground up for mobile devices-- and specifically, touch.

As 2nd Lt. Charles Campbell of the MSRV-17 Joplin, players will encounter deep space, a strange alien landscape and a war that has long since been lost. Using the clues left to him, the crew that supports him, and a TON of awesome guns, Charlie must develop from modest exocommunications specialist to the one human being left with the means to take down the bad guys.

Designed for phone and tablet, the game features an engrossing Campaign and story along with many options for competition, including asynchronous multiplayer challenges, friend-based leaderboards and Trophies that transfer from player to player daily, weekly and monthly. Take part in regularly scheduled Events, earn rewards and save the Universe!

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