6 23 2015

“Veteran” [STANDINGS]

Veteran, Midnight Star‘s worldwide Event dedicated to points, points! POINTS!.. has ended. After 5 hard-fought high score challenges, our competitors posted some of the best scores we’ve ever recorded which EASILY destroy the scores anyone at Industrial Toys can get. While we individually curl up into balls and cry, please see our victors below!


Congratulations to @FreakMojo on winning 1ST place with a final score of 810,899! This isn’t FreakMojo’s first time in the top 3 – however, he has successfully dethroned the one and only @Liceder (who has literally won every single tournament up until this point)! Freak stayed close to the top in each of the five rounds, but in “Gardens of Time” he blew away the rest of the competition by over 30,000 points with a score of 231,151. He BETTER HAVE shared a replay of that cause I want to see how that’s even humanly possible. In any case, @FreakMojo is now the reigning champ and I doubt he’ll want to give up the throne anytime soon…

In 2ND is @Artzfreak with a final score of 779,171! It’s her first appearance in the top 3, but she’s been a fierce contender from the very beginning– only a matter of time if you ask me. Congratulations!

Taking home Bronze is @namacouraion, another return visitor to the top! Nama lost silver by less than 2,500 points, but secured a spot at third by defeating fourth by over 38k. Very well played!

See the Top 50 standings on our forums which contain many fantastic finishes from recurring victors in our Weekly Events.

Our Top 3 win 30 Attribute Points and 5,000 Catalyst! The remaining competitors in the Top 10 win 15 Attribute Points and 4,000 Catalyst. Top 25 get 10 points and 2,500, and Top 50 win 5 and 1,000!

Thank you to all our competitors and we’ll see you at the next event!

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